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Brief CaseAny Kind of Case

The Jurisdictionary® method is simplicity!

Every case, civil or criminal, contains just a few "elements".

Most cases are won or lost on no more than 3 or 4 "elements".

Understanding the "elements" is easy!

Whether defending in a civil or criminal case, my opponent must:

  • allege and
  • prove

the elements of his case.

If you sue someone , you must:

  • allege and
  • prove

the essential fact elements of your case.

Alleging is easy.

Proving is easy.

All that's left is to:

  • make the court record clear
  • move the judge to enter the orders you need to win

All made quick and easy for you with this amazing Jurisdictionary® course!

Red and Yellow Paper ClipsCivil v Criminal

Everything you learn about

  • evidence
  • objections
  • motions
  • pleadings
  • causes of action (elements)
  • defenses (elements)
  • trial procedure
  • appeals

in the civil section of the course applies also to criminal cases.

Prosecutors must:

  • allege and
  • prove

the elements of the crimes with which one is charged.

Defendants must prove the prosecutor cannot meet his burden of proving those elements "beyond and to the exclusion of any reasonable doubt".

So, what you learn about civil cases in this course will also apply to criminal cases.

Dog Scratching His HeadJust What You Need

You don't need to be a "Jack of All" to win in court.

You don't need to know all that lawyers learn in law school - wills, trusts, probate, corporations, intellectual property, guardianship, contracts, sales, torts, secured transactions, tax, banking, etc.

All you need is:

  • The facts in your case
  • The specific law that applies to those specific facts in your case
  • Procedure that gets your facts admitted
  • Motions that force the judge to apply the law inyourcase

You don't have to know how to win every case.

Just what you need to win your case.

Dog Scratching His HeadThe Law of the Case

Every case turns on just a few elements.

For example, most state dog bite laws turn on such elements as these:

  • Has the dog caused injury in the past?
  • Was the dog taunted by the alleged victim?
  • Was the alleged victim on the owner's property?
  • Was the dog under the owner's control?

You don't have to know the laws of contract and mortgages to win a dog bite case. You only need to know the few elements that decide dog bite cases.

You only need to know the elements that apply to your case, how to get your evidence into the court record, and how to get the judge to sign the court orders you need to win.

Jurisdictionary® is famous worldwide for making it easy to learn.

RefereeRules of Procedure

You have a right to do anything lawyers do.

Just follow the rules you learn in this course.

The rules of procedure provide powerful opportunities for you to plead your case, move the court, get your evidence in, keep your opponent's evidence out, and make an official record you can present to an appeals court if you lose at the trial level.

This course makes procedure rules easy to learn and use!

Sherlock HolmesRules of Evidence

You have a right to get evidence into the court's official record.

You have a right to force evidence from my opponents and even from people who aren't parties to your case, like banks, phone companies, government agencies, etc.

You have a right to prevent your opponent from putting confusing or deceptive evidence into the record.

This course explain hearsay, examining witnesses on the stand, taking depositions, best evidence rule, courtroom objections, etc.

Man Moving a WallMoving the Court

You have a right to move the court to enter orders in you favor.

This course will show you how to move the court and get the orders you need to win.

100 Percent GuaranteeNothing to Lose

You have a right to a full refund if you don't believe the course will help you win.

Just call the Toll Free number within 24 hours after ordering.

You will receive full refund next business day.

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