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Rules of Court

Rules Lookup Tool

Judge Flipping Coin

Rules that Control Court Procedure

Complete Course - $249

Know the Rules!

The complete course includes an official rules look-up tool.

With it you can quickly find Rules of Court for your jurisdiction.

Find official court rules for every state and federal court.

  • Rules of Evidence
  • Rules of Civil Procedure
  • Rules of Criminal Procedure
  • Rules of Appellate Procedure
  • Rules of Judicial Administration

The rules rule!

Court is much like other contests, e.g., baseball, soccer, etc. If you don't know the rules, and the other side does, you lose!


To win in court you must know and abide by the official rules.

Court rules control, you, the judge, and your opponent.

They are your friend. They always favor the party who is honest and has admissible evidence to prove his winning case!

They are against frauds, liars, and people who cheat.

So, you must know them and how to use them in court.

The tool included in my course gives you ready access.

Legal knowledge is power!

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