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Easy Guide to the Rules

Easy Guide to Procedure

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Get the Big Picture

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A Brief Tour

The "brief tour" presented in this class that will be yours as soon as you sign up, is essential to lay a strong legal foundation for you.

This class lets you see the BIG picture before getting into the deeper details you will learn in the more advanced classes in the course.

You need to read through this class before getting into the details.

Spend a few minutes with this EasyGuide before jumping ahead to the more advanced tutorials, and the mind-numbing fog of legal mystery will disappear more quickly for you.

This is the simplest, shortest, most straightforward overview of litigation anywhere.

This is not a substitute for completing the course! It's only a brief overview at the beginning of the course to give you a glimpse of the "Big Picture". Starting out with a clear idea of how all the parts fit together, you learn more quickly and get more out of the course materials that follow.

In just a few minutes you'll know about the rules that control our courts and see how important it is to learn how to use the rules to win.Traffic Rules

The rest of the course will be much easier when you start here before moving on.

Once you subscribe you will see the green Main Menu along the left side of every page with the classes arranged in order from top-to-bottom. You will begin with the first class in the MAIN MENU and work your way down.

Pro se litigants are people who fight in court
without a lawyer.

When you get to the bottom of the list you are ready to go to court with confidence to win your case pro se, i.e., without a lawyer.

This Easy Guide class introduces you to:

Teacher with Ruler
  • The Rules
  • How the Rules Rule
  • What is Required to Win
  • What "CAT" Stands For
  • Your Five Tools for Discovering Evidence
  • The Lawsuit Flowchart
  • How to Use Video Clips in the Course
  • The importance of PreparationMan Worn Out with Barbell
  • The Burden of Proof!
  • The Right to Sue: Causes of Action
  • Making the Record
  • The Complaint: Where it Begins
  • The Flurry of Motions: Avoiding the Answer
    • Motion to Strike
    • Motion to Dismiss
    • Boy at BlackboardMotion for More Definite Statement
  • The Answer & Affirmative Defenses
  • Evidence Discovery Tools: Your Keys to Success
    • Request for Admissions
    • Request for Production
    • Interrogatories
    • Card SharpDepositions
    • Court Process: Subpoenas, Writs, etc.
  • Trial: Playing Your Cards
  • Jurisdiction: The Power to Rule
  • Move the Court: Get Your Way!
  • Writing Effectively
  • Finding the Law - LegalTwo Guys Moving Couch Research
  • Dealing with Liars
  • Evidence: What Gets In, What Stays Out
  • Judicial Notice: Getting a Judge's Help!
  • Making Arguments: Stringing Pearls
  • The Power of Being Right!
  • ConclusionStep-by-Step Up a Wall

This is just the beginning of your adventure!

This introductory class will introduce you to principles and tactics you will learn more fully in the rest of the course as soon as you sign up, so you can win in court.

Everything is laid out for you step-by-step.

Knowledge is power. Empower yourself now!

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