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Responding to Complaints

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The Answer

Answers respond to Complaints.

They don't "prove" anything.

They are pleadings and allege facts, like every other pleading.

If a defendant cannot make plaintiff's Complaint go away by filing her "flurry of motions" (explained later) defendant must file an Answer responsive to the Complaint.

The Answer admits or denies each allegation of plaintiff's Complaint.

Anything defendant admits is admitted for all purposes.

The Answer is just as important as the Complaint, because this is where defendant also presents her Affirmative Defenses, the facts that will win for her if she can prove them by the greater weight of admissible evidence.

It is much easier for defendant to win if she alleges and proves facts that can give her the winning edge, but the defendant's facts need to be alleged at the beginning. They can't be effectively raised later on if they're not alleged up front when the parties are each stating the facts they intend to prove.

Whether you're a plaintiff or defendant, you need to know what an Answer looks like, what it does, and what needs to be filed with it (i.e., at the same time), because unless these things are filed with the Answer they cannot be raised later in the case.

This is essential knowledge!

Class Includes:

  • Simple Answer with sample form and explanation
  • Answer & Counterclaim with sample form and explanation
  • Answer & Cross-Claim with sample form and explanation
  • Answer & Third Party Complaint with sample form and explanation
  • Answer & Affirmative Defenses with sample form and explanation
  • Reply to Affirmative Defenses with sample form and explanation
  • Conclusion

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