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Rules of Order

Roberts Rules of Order

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Getting Things Done Decently

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Order in the Court

Know the rules that allow peaceful resolution of differences.

Know the rules that allow groups to get things done.

If you were the only one in a room arguing in favor of something (e.g., a church picnic or canoe adventure) you could ignore the rules of order, because no one is listening to you.

Anywhere people have competing opinions, arguments to make, and objectives to achieve, you need to know the rules and how to use them to your advantage.

This class lays out Robert's Rules in the simplest format possible, easy for anyone to learn, essential if you are a member of some club or other group that occasionally must agree on decisions, and especially essential if you are leader of such a group.

Nothing worthwhile ever gets done without order.

There can be no order without rules.

Rules decide who wins!

Rules give you rights!

Here is the foundation for everything you do in court, at your club, or anywhere people congregate to make decisions peacefully instead of screaming or beating each other to death.

Know how to demand and command order!

Use this case-winning procedure course to win your case!

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