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How to Control Lawyers

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Self Interest

Lawyers are out for Number One.

No exception!

That's what "self interest" is.

Whether they win or lose, lawyers aren't much affected by the outcome of a case. When it's over they go home, sleep in the same bed, and wake up to just another day.

Clients, on the other hand, either enjoy the fruit of victory or the shambles they're left with when the dust settles.

Clients may be in prison or be executed by lethal injection.

Clients may be impoverished by legal fees, court costs, and the devastation of an adverse judgment that leaves them and their families penniless.

We all operate out of self interest; you, me, and absolutely everyone.

Even Mother Theresa, who did wonderful things while she lived, was motivated by the pleasure of helping others. If helping others hadn't given her pleasure, she wouldn't have done it.

Everyone operates from self interest.

We want what we want and we act accordingly.

It may be the goal of money, praise, love, or honor.

It may be hunger for a hot meal or a dry place to sleep.

We desire.

We do.

Always we act because we want.

Lawyers are no exception.


Lawyer self interest affects you!

It may be your lawyer, if you have one.

Or, it may be your opponents' lawyers.

This class shows you what the world looks like through lawyers' eyes, what motivates them, and what you need to know to avoid unpleasant consequences!

Out of BusinessYou will learn how lawyers think, how they see the world, how they deal with clients, how they chum with judges, and what you must do to keep from losing your shirt.


Winning is Easy
Know the facts you must prove.
State the facts in your pleadings.
Prove the facts with discovery.
Move the court for judgment.
This Course Shows How

  • Self Interest is Alive and Well
  • What Lawyers Tell Their Clients
  • What Lawyers Don't Tell Their Clients
  • How Lawyers Bill Time
  • Why Lawyers Take Depositions Too Soon
  • What a Lawyer's Work Day is Like
  • Lawyers' Professional Responsibility Rules (Ethics)
  • What Non-Lawyers (pro se litigants) Can Do
  • Conclusion

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