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Summary Judgment

Summary Judgment

Pigs in a Picture Gallery

No Genuine Issues of Material Fact

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Legal Quick Fix

Summary judgment offers a quick fix for your legal troubles.

This class will show you how it works by providing an actual motion for summary judgment that was granted by a judge and quickly won an actual case ... saving a pig farmer and his wife from losing their farm to an adjacent golfcourse club whose wealthy members were offended by the smell.

Also in this class is a written memorandum in opposition to summary judgment that prevented a summary judgment order from being entered.

You will learn how to file for summary judgment.

You will also learn how to file memoranda in opposition to prevent summary judgment from being entered against you.

Summary judgment stops the case dead it its tracks.

Don't let it stop you!

Use it to stop your opponents, instead!

This is a great "quick fix" ... when you know how to use it!

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