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Family Argument

Make Your Point Stick

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What Are Legal arguments?

They're not like family arguments!

"Because I SAID SO!" cuts no ice in court.

Stomping your feet, raising your voice, or holding your breath till you turn blue might get what you want at home, but it won't work in court.

Nor will threats of withholding love and affection, being sent to bed without supper, or any of the thousands of other underhanded ploys family members use to wheedle and intimidate for what they want.

That kind of "arguing" won't work in court.

Family arguments obey no rules.

Courts have rules!

In this class you will learn how to argue in court. You will know how to make yourself heard. You will know how to make your case in the official court record. You will know how to persuade judges to give you what you're fighting for.

Effective legal arguments.

Emotion has nothing to do with it. Getting angry will work against you. Attacking the judge is just stupid (even if the judge is wrong). Begging for pity is a shameful waste of effort that will get you nothing.

Winning in court depends on facts, laws, admissible evidence, and persuasive legal arguments.

This class explains how to use words to get justice.

Class Includes:

  • What Are Legal Arguments?
  • Pleadings ... Stating Your Case
  • Discovery ... Getting Evidence
  • Motions ... Compelling the Court
  • Memoranda ... Citations, Citations, Citations
  • Hearings ... Making Your Official Record
  • Elements ... Stating Only What Matters
  • Admissible Evidence ... Getting it In, Keeping it Out
  • Courtroom Objections ... Preparing for Appeal
  • Trial ... Juries and Keeping it Simple
  • Conclusion