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Show Cause Procedures

Use Your Jail Power

Your Jail Power

Everything You Need
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Send Bad Actors to Jail!

Send people to jail if they won't play "fair".

This is your power to enforce legal rights!

You may need this power to force bad actors to obey the rules so you can get justice in court.

If your opponent or a witness refuses to obey a court order or fails to follow the rules of court, you have this power to force them to do so ... if you follow the step-by-step process explained in this class.

If your opponents or others defy judges' orders or ignore the rules of procedure and rules of evidence, you must exercise this power to get justice.

This is your duty. A judge will not help until you move the court to enter the proper orders in the proper sequence.

This class shows you how to move the court to enter those orders and force bad actors to obey the law!

This is good news for good people ... bad news for crooked lawyers and deceitful witnesses!

You have the right to send bad actors to jail!

Hopefully, you can use what you've learned in the other classes in this amazing course to get justice without sending anyone to jail!


If your opponent or a non-party witness (like a bank officer or phone company employee) refuses to obey a court order or fails to do what the rules of court require, follow the steps in this class to get an order sending them to jail where they can stew behind bars until they decide to obey the law!

Enforcing law is what courts are for, after all!

Without power to require judges to enforce law in your favor, going to court would be a waste of time and money, because bad actors are all-too common in our court system, and justice is impossible if bad actors are permitted to get away with deceitful law-evading practices.

Know how to use this power.

This is your right!

Know how to use it!

This class shows how.


Winning is Easy
Know the facts you must prove.
State the facts in your pleadings.
Prove the facts with discovery.
Move the court for judgment.
This Course Shows How

  • Introduction
  • Motion to Show Cause in General
  • Service of Motion to Show Cause and Notice of Hearing
  • Show Cause Hearings and Orders
  • Service of Show Cause Orders
  • Motion for Contempt
  • Service of Motion for Contempt and Notice of Hearing
  • Contempt Hearings
  • Bench Warrant
  • What to Expect
  • Conclusion
  • Quiz

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