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Alleging What Plaintiff Must Prove


Complaints allege what the plaintiff must prove to win.

The Complaint is the most important document in a lawsuit.

The Complaint alleges facts.

The Complaint does not and cannot rove anything.

But, it must be done carefully, because what it alleges will form the backbone of the entire case.

The Complaint has three essential elements.

It is not a story.

It is not a legal argument.

It is not a letter to the judge.

It is a "legal tool" that must do three (3) things you will learn how to do in this class.

Class Includes:

  • Complaints in General 
  • Petitions
  • The Three Parts
  • Types of Complaints
  • Complaint Components
  • Single-Count Complaint
  • Multi-Count Complaint
  • Discovery by Complaint
  • Pleading Paragraphs
  • Conclusion        

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