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State the facts you must prove.
Use discovery to prove your facts.
Move the court for judgment.
Winning really is this simple!
This course makes it easy!
(Includes Forms & Examples)

  • Introduction.
  • Topics Covered.
  • Preparing for Battle.
  • The Court Procedure Flowchart.
  • The Right to Sue.
  • Pleading What Must Be Proved.
  • Simple Complaint.
  • Multi-Count Complaint.
  • Importance of Using Simple Sentences.
  • The Summons that Commands a Response.
  • Verifications that are Required.
  • How to Answer a Summons.
  • Certificates of Service and How to Use Them.
  • Counter-Claims and How to Use Them.
  • Cross-Claims and How to Use Them.
  • Third-Party Complaints and How to Use Them.
  • How to Avoid Filing an Answer.
  • How to Use a Motion to Strike.
  • How to Use a Motion to Dismiss.
  • How to Use a Motion for More Definite Statement.
  • Affirmative Defenses - Part One.
  • Affirmative Defenses - Part Two.
  • Forms ... What Goes In, What Stays Out.
  • How to Respond to a Complaint.
  • How to Discover Evidence.
  • How to Use Requests for Admissions.
  • How to Use Requests for Production.
  • How to Use Interrogatories.
  • How to Use Depositions.
  • How to Use Court Process and Subpoenas.
  • How to Compel Discovery of Evidence.
  • How to Move the Court.
  • Why You Should Stand in Power.
  • Knowing the Law and How to Find It.
  • Writing Memoranda in Support of Legal Arguments.
  • How to Cite to Legal Authorities.
  • How to Size Up Your Opponent.
  • How to Use Evidence Rules Tactically.
  • Understanding What Are and What are Not Privileges.
  • How to Impeach a Lying Witness.
  • Understanding the Hearsay Rule.
  • How to Examine Witnesses.
  • Understanding Circumstantial Evidence.
  • How to Authenticate Evidence.
  • Trial Preparation and Procedure.
  • How and When to Write the Judge's Orders.
  • Understanding Post-Judgment Proceedings.
  • How and When to Settle.
  • How to Use Your Threat to Appeal.
  • Understanding Jurisdiction.
  • The Enemy - Lawyers and How to Control Them.
  • Summation.
  • Conclusion.

Know how to win!

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