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Courtroom Objections

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Grounded in Reality

We all watch TV lawyers.

"Objection! Immaterial! Irrelevant! Hearsay!"

Good things to say

  • IF we know what they mean
  • IF we know the proper time to say them
  • IF we know why we are saying them
  • IF we can back them up with grounds

This class explains.

TV lawyers seldom explain objections. They usually just blurt out "Objection, your Honor."

They seldom state grounds for their objections.

Yet get away with it, because it's television.

They wouldn't get away with it in a real court battle.

In reality bare objections without grounds are empty. They fail to include the part that forces the judge to take action other than to say, "Overruled!"

Without grounds your objections can have little or no effect on your case.

You may be correct to object but, if you don't state grounds for your objections, you haven't objected properly.

Objections properly made are essential to winning court cases.

Helping Judges RuleBuck-Toothed Judge on Court TV

Judges need your help.

No judge knows all the law.

Many don't even know the rules!

Some have never tried a case on their own.

You must help them ... if you want to win.

Objecting helps judges help you!

Until someone objects, judges are supposed to stay out of the battle. They aren't supposed to help either side. They are there to referee the contest, not to help the players.

Your objections call their attention to a foul.

Then they have to act!

If your objection is well-stated, they must either "sustain" your objection and take some action to keep the playing field free from crooked stuff or "overrule" your objection and order the game to continue in spite of your objection.

Either way, if you don't object, no fouls will be called!

It's up to you.

That's why objections are essential to winning.

Learn why, what, when, and how to object in this class.

Class Includes:

Winning is Easy
Know the facts you must prove.
State the facts in your pleadings.
Prove the facts with discovery.
Move the court for judgment.
This Course Shows How

  • Purpose for Objections
  • When to Object
  • Importance of Timely Objections
  • What to Do When Objection is Overruled
  • How to Handle Objections At Depositions
  • Getting Immediate Rulings on Objections
  • Renewing Objections
  • Objection Classifications
  • Asked and Answered
  • Badgering
  • Best Evidence Rule
  • Competence
  • Counsel Testifying
  • Facts Not In Evidence
  • Hearsay
  • Outside the Pleadings
  • Prejudice
  • Qualification
  • Relevance
  • Speculation
  • Conclusion
  • Quiz

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