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Audio Classroom

Audio Class

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This is a convenient way to learn how to win!

There are 25 audio clips in this summary lecture.

They are all MP3 files you can download then save to any MP3 player.

You can learn on-the-go with a smartphone, tablet, or any device that can save a playback MP3 audio files (most downloadable music files today are MP3s).

By the time you finish all 25 lessons, you will know the basics of what it takes to win in court, and the rest of the course will be easier to learn.

Take them with you in the car or just sit out on the back porch and listen to the lecture.

No internet connection required.

Just remember, this is only a summary lecture. To prepare yourself for court, you will want to watch all the video clips and go through all the classes and pass the quizzes with at least a "B" grade or better.

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The following is a list of what you'll learn. The links and icons will activate as soon as you subscribe.

Hear now!#1 - Introduction. Download MP3
Hear now!#2 - The key to winning. Download MP3
Hear now!#3 - Stating your case. Download MP3
Hear now!#4 - Keeping language simple. Download MP3
Hear now!#5 - Introduction to pleadings. Download MP3
Hear now!#6 - The Complaint. Download MP3
Hear now!#7 - Framing the pleadings. Download MP3
Hear now!#8 - Multi-Count Complaint. Download MP3
Hear now!#9 - The Answer. Download MP3
Hear now!#10 - Avoiding the Answer. Download MP3
Hear now!#11 - Discovery. Download MP3
Hear now!#12 - Moving the Court. Download MP3
Hear now!#13 - Citing authorities. Download MP3
Hear now!#14 - Knowing the Law. Download MP3
Hear now!#15 - Memoranda. Download MP3
Hear now!#16 - Reading Authorities. Download MP3
Hear now!#17 - Common evidence traps. Download MP3
Hear now!#18 - Getting evidence admitted. Download MP3
Hear now!#19 - Circumstantial evidence. Download MP3
Hear now!#20 - Writing orders. Download MP3
Hear now!#21 - Judgment & execution. Download MP3
Hear now!#22 - Preserving objections. Download MP3
Hear now!#23 - Jurisdiction. Download MP3
Hear now!#24 - Bad judges. Download MP3
Hear now!#25 - Summation. Download MP3

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