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Causes of Action

Causes of Action

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Plaintiff's Right to Sue

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Legal Grounds to Sue Pineapple Falling On Man's Heador Be Sued

You can't sue or be sued for just any old reason.

There are only certain things a person can sue for.

If you want to win you must know what these are!

Whether you are being sued or suing someone else, you must know what these things are!

This class shows those things and how to use them to win!

When a lawsuit is filed, certain "essential facts" must be:

Alleged & Proven

If they aren't properly alleged, the person bringing the case or lawsuit loses before he or she can even get started!

If they aren't proven with "admissible evidence", the person bringing the case or lawsuit cannot win ... civil or criminal.

This class shows what those "essential facts" are.

Once you know what "essential facts" must be alleged & proven, you've won half the battle already!

Other classes in this course show how to allege the "esssential facts" you need to win - and how to shoot down your opponent if he fails to properly allege the "essential facts" he needs to win!

Other classes in the course show how to prove the facts you alleged - or how to prove your opponent cannot prove the facts he alleged.

This is how you win ... and, yes, it really is this easy!

Knowing the "essential facts" required to win is, well, "essential".

Use this case-winning procedure course to win your case!

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