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Why So Easy?

All the Tools You Need to Win

Just the Legal Tools You Need

Everything is Included
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Dog Scratching His HeadMoving the Court

Courts usually do nothing until someone "moves" them.

You move the court with "motions".

It's actually quite easy. This course explains.

You have a right to move the court to sign orders.

You have a right to force judges to obey the law.

You have a right to get justice.

It's easy once you learn the simple court procedures and evidence tactics my course teaches.

Dog Scratching His HeadKnow This

Winning in court is easy once you see it all comes comes down to:

  • Alleging facts that trigger the application of law
  • Proving those allegations using your 5 discovery tools
  • Moving the court to sign favorable Orders
  • Threatening judges with Appeal by making Objections

That’s all there is to it.

No. Really. That's all there is to it!

Everything hangs on that simple skeleton.

No Lawyer Required

You don't need a law degree.

You certainly don't need a lawyer.

You have only one set of facts to present.

You have only one set of laws that apply.

The rules are fair to both sides and favor good people!

Winning is easy once you know how to use the rules.

This course makes it easy to learn ALL of this.

This Class Includes

Winning is Easy
Know the facts you must prove.
State the facts in your pleadings.
Prove the facts with discovery.
Move the court for judgment.
This Course Shows How

  • Win Any Kind of Case
  • Civil v Criminal Elements
  • Learn Only What You Need to Know
  • Rules of Procedure
  • Rules of Evidence
  • How to Move the Court
  • Making Your Record
  • Getting a Favorable Judgment

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