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Family Law

Family Law

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Dealing With Division

Course Contents
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Just Another Lawsuit

This class covers the four most common divorce issues.

#1 - Divorce Process

#2 - Division of Marital Assets

#3 - Child Custody

#4 - Child Support

#5 - Alimony

Get through the process with minimum pain.

Get the best possible outcome.

Know how to compel your soon-to-be "ex" to show the court what assets he or she owns and what income he or she anticipates having after the divorce.

Know how to amicably agree to share custody of the children and, where the facts and law agree, how to get sole custody.

Know how to control the amount of child support to be paid, who must pay, how it is computed, how enforced, and how to avoid paying more than the law requires.

Know why "getting angry" will work against you!

Get in, get out, and get back to living your life!


  • The Marital Unit
  • Divorce and Final Decrees
  • Property Division
  • Child Custody Issues
  • Changing Child Custody
  • Child Support and Enforcement
  • Modifying Child Support
  • Family Procedure in General
  • Understanding Family Court Rules
  • Conclusion
  • Quiz

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