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Compelling Evidence

Compelling Evidence

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Force Your Opponent to Obey the Rules!

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When Your Opponent Hides Evidence

If you can't get evidence from others, you can't win!

If your opponent hides evidence (and he will hide it) this class shows you how to get him out from behind that tree ... no matter how he drags his feet, screams, and complains.

This class includes the forms you'll need.

You have a right to get and present evidence in your case.

This class shows you how to exercise that right!

If your opponent insists on hiding, this class shows you how to force the court to throw him in jail until he comes out in the open, obeys the rules, and turns over the evidence he doesn't want you to see.

This class also works with non-parties like telephone companies, accountants, and everyone else who tries to hide evidence you need to win your case.

You'll learn the simple steps you can use to compel evidence from your opponent or anyone else who tries to hide it from you!

This class explains them all the steps and shows sample forms you can use to compel evidence in your case.

Your opponent will try to hide all evidence favorable to you.

Trust me about this!

I've been a lawyer 32 years. I've never seen a case where my opponent didn't try every dirty trick in the book to keep me from getting the evidence I needed to win for my clients!

It will happen in your case.

It's remarkably easy to get the evidence you need, but you must follow the proper steps and apply my how-to knowledge using the powerful forms I give you in this course once you subscribe.

The steps to compel evidence depend on what kind of discovery process you're using:

1 - Request for Admissions - Motion to Deem Requests Admitted

2 - Request for Production - Motion to Compel Production, Motion to Show Cause, Motion for Contempt Order.

3 - Interrogatories - Motion for Better Answers, Motion to Show Cause, Motion for Contempt Order.

4 - Deposition - Motion to Show Cause, Motion for Contempt Order.

5 - Subpoena Violations - Motion to Show Cause, Motion for Contempt Order.

Each of these is thoroughly explained in this class with sample forms so you will know how to do each step and get the evidence you need to win ... even if it requires having someone put behind bars to show them you aren't a person to be trifled with and that you know how to get serious!

Anticipate your opponent's tricky efforts to hide all the evidence he knows you need to win!

It will happen.

It always happens.

You may think you already have "all the evidence" you need to win, however if you come to court ready to present "your evidence", instead of using my discovery methods and the steps necessary to compel evidence from your opponent (and anyone else having evidence you need) the judge may refuse to admit "your evidence" to the record. You will present "your evidence". Your opponent will object. The judge will sustain your opponent's objections. And, you'll be left holding the bag ... an empty bag!

Lawyers learn early on how to hide evidence.

Winning lawyers know how to force people to turn it over or go to jail!

You must know how to compel evidence and get it in the court record ... if you want to win.

If you cannot get "your evidence" admitted, whatever stuff you think you have is useless.

Force your opponent and others to produce the evidence you need to win!

This class is essential ... if you want to win!

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