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About Us

My name is Frederick Graves.

For the past 32 years I've been a lawyer, winning cases doing what my course will quickly show YOU how to do ... winning without a lawyer!

I was 39 when I started law school. Before that I worked as a carpenter, fisherman, boatbuilder, and any odd jobs I could get. In those days, if I had legal problems, I was just like 90% of the American population. I could not afford to hire a lawyer.

So, in 1997 I started this online course to help the 90% who still can't afford a lawyer, giving affordable legal know-how and solid confidence to thousands who are winning ... without a lawyer!

My Bar number is 558583. See my record at www.FlaBar.org

My wife Kathryn and I want you to know how to secure your legal rights without the crippling expense and risky uncertainty of hiring a lawyer who may or may not fight for you!

I've been a licensed attorney since 1986, winning cases in state and federal courts by applying the same tools, tactics, and simple procedures explained in our step-by-step online law course.

I broke away from society's mold before it could imprison my dreams. I searched old books for wisdom of the ages, trusting nothing written after World War I.

My passions were and are the fundamentals of justice, the mystery of the gospel, and the principles that legitimize the exercise of government power over the people.

I sought truth that never changes, truth cast aside by today's insane media-driven politics and its imaginary bell-curve of acceptable thinking, truth that is and will always be the only hope for mankind and the eventual achievement of world peace.

The ancient writers call each of us to be unique, to think for ourselves, to dare to be different, and to do all we can in each passing generation to clear away the cobwebs of colloquial confusion, replacing them with a functional morality that cries out to be communicated to this modern world by every means available ... including practical online public legal education.

My precious wife works with me, co-creating and improving the course with her insight and creatively unique perspectives and ideas. She and I are a team. Together we are doing all we can to make the world a safer place for you and those you love.

We've secured justice for tens of thousands here in the United States and in many other other nations worldwide where the "English Form" of court proceedings is followed.

I know how easily you can be injured in court, whether you're struggling on your own or paying hard-earned money to a lawyer who may not be committed to doing what's best for you.

Many lawyers will not do everything that could and should be done to win for their clients. Some are too timid to take control of the judge. Others are just too lazy.

A third of all applicants to the bar exam fail on the first attempt, according to the National Conference of Bar Examiners! Many must take the test several times before getting a passing grade so they can hold themselves out as "professionals".

Many have no more common sense than a fence post ... but they will take your money and promise a professional job while you cross your hard-working fingers and hope for a miracle.

We want you to know what must be done to win, lawyer or no lawyer.

Protect yourself from other members of my profession!

Learn what it takes to win in court ... step-by-step!

My Credentials

  • Bachelor of Science degree, Florida State Univ., 1965
  • Juris Doctor degree, Stetson College of Law, 1985
  • Admitted to the Bar, 1986 (Please note that a certain South Florida lawyer named Frederick E. Graves was disbarred. My name is Frederick David Graves. My middle initial is D not E. I have never been disbarred.)
  • Licensed to State and Federal Courts, 1986
  • Licensed to the Gospel Ministry, 1989
  • U.S. Ocean Master's License
  • Merchant Marine First Mate's License
  • Private Pilot's License
  • Commercial Radiotelegraph Operator's License
  • Commercial Radio/TV Engineer's License
  • Amateur Radio Extra Class License - W4AH

Our Vision

You are entitled to enjoy life in peace and plenty.

There is no reason why we cannot all enjoy a bountiful life free from conflict and want.

Prosperity and joy are to often stolen from us by fraudulent application of law.

Too often the application of law is neither fair nor sane.

Too often law is a handmaid to those who place themselves as rulers over us, proclaiming by legislation and court decision what's best for us and our children.

Too often the practice of law is polluted by corrupt individuals.

Too often law favors the goals of a special few and, in the process, becomes a whore or coddles the favor of the majority and becomes a fool.

Too often law is little more than the decision of a mob.

Too often law is a tool by which elitists seek to re-make civilization according to their private view of what's best for the rest of us.

And too often people do nothing to resist or redirect the political forces that seek to steal from us our heritage of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Therefore, this course is aimed at empowering you to use the courts to change your world ... one case at-a-time.


Please contact us if you need help ordering or using this amazing self-help course.

Email: sales@jurisdictionary.com

Phone: 866-LAW-EASY Toll Free during business hours Florida time.

If you reach a recording, leave your name and callback number.