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Most-Trusted Law Course Since 1997

Because You Have Rights!

Lawyers don't want you to know this!

Every case starts the same way!

Every case ends the same way, too!

And, in the middle they all proceed with the same simple steps you will learn quickly and easily with this affordable course.

Criminal or Civil ... State or federal.

It's easy once you see it step-by-step.

The starting party alleges accusing facts.

The defending party alleges defending facts.

The parties then fight to prove the facts they alleged using simple evidence discovery tools you will learn quickly.

The winner then moves the court to sign an order in his or her favor.

That's all there is to it ... every case ... no exceptions!

I want you to know what's been hidden from you by the legal profession.

It isn't rocket science!

You have power you didn't know you have ... power to compel judges to follow the law, power to force lawyers to obey the rules, power to secure Justice for yourselves, for those you love, and for others you'll be able to help once you learn for yourself.

I want to give you this power, purchased for you by men and women who gave their lives so you could have and use it today.

This power belongs to YOU!

It does NOT belong to the legal profession that continues to hide it.

This course explains (with sample forms and simplified explanations) what has never before been shared by any member of the Bar, simplified information you should have been taught in primary school, simplified knowledge anyone with eighth-grade abilities can master and use effectively.

You have a right to know what this course makes easy to learn!

To know this is a God-given right ... your #1 Right too long hidden from you!

My course has proved for 27 years (started in 1997) that people from every walk of life (single moms, truck drivers, young married couples, the elderly, the wrongfully accused, etc.) have IMMENSE POWER ... power you were never told about!.

Before my course, if you had a legal problem you were required to hire a lawyer to fight for you (and hope the lawyer you hired was competent and looking out for your best interest, instead of just padding his or her pocketbook at your expense).

Now you can know what lawyers should be doing when they take people's money.

If you can't afford a lawyer (or don't trust them) you will know what to do and how to do it right ... without paying someone to do it for you!

Our tax-supported courts exist for You the People ... not lawyers!


( If you aren't in America, make your government protect you from the corruption in high places that threatens us all and jeopardizes your children's future. )

Learn "How to Win in Court" ... then teach everyone how to win!

Sample Legal Forms.

Simplified Explanations.

Case-Winning Procedures.

Powerful Evidence Tactics.

Common-Sense Strategies that WORK!

Created by a licensed attorney with 38 years of case-winning experience.

No more guesswork.

Five hour video seminar presents the big picture.

Downloadable audio lectures let you take my teachings on the road or anywhere you don't have access to the internet.

Free online legal research portal is included.

Online legal dictionary explains legal terms with common-sense definitions.

There's even an online chat room where you can discuss your case with others.

Earn an Honorary Law Degree.Law Degree

First year subscription only $249.

Add a year (if needed) for only $99.

Paying a lawyer? Make your lawyer fight for you!

Can't afford a lawyer. Win without one!

Force witnesses to answer your questions under oath or, if they refuse, know how to send them to jail where they can reconsider.

Force opponents to produce documents and other evidence or, if they refuse, know how to send them to jail where they can reconsider.


Force lawyers to obey the rules ... or be disbarred.

Force judges to enforce the law ... or be appealed.

Learn at your own pace step-by-step 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Everything you need.

The official Jurisdictionary® course.

24-hour money-back guarantee!

Start now.


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