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Users' Success Stories

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A Few Success Stories from Course Users

The following stories were submitted by people telling how they used this course to succeed in court. If you have a success story to share, please send it to along with specific details explaining how you used the course to succeed.

Win with Jurisdictionary!Mother Wins Custody of Children!

When I filed for divorce I made a nearly fatal mistake by making a verbal agreement with my husband that he could have custody if I could have unlimited visitations with the children. I was going to move just a few houses down from him and knew the children would want to be with me all the time. I wanted to save the children from being dragged through the divorce. He agreed, but got a contract from his attorney (that I signed but he didn't sign) that gave him temporary custody but didn't require him to give me unlimited visitation. When I saw he deceived me, I bought the Jurisdictionary How to Win in Court course to help me fight and get custody of my children back.

I'd been married 27 years and homeschooled our 8 children for 23 of those years. My husband wanted full custody and hired a top lawyer. I couldn't find a lawyer locally who would go up against his lawyer after I signed that document. The lawyer I finally hired was not very aggressive, though he was willing to take my case.

I used to put the case together for my lawyer. I took each of the 12 factors for child custody in Michigan and wrote out why I should win each factor, citing cases to prove my point just like the course explains how to do.

I refrained from complaining about my marriage and giving my sob story as well, just as the course cautioned.

I assumed I was going to lose the case and built an appeals case, citing laws and case histories that could later be used against the Judge if he ruled against me. I also built a line of questioning for my lawyer to use with me, my husband, and the witnesses.

My lawyer said I was the most helpful client he ever had.

Our case had been referred to the Friend of the Court and, after a grueling two-day hearing, the referee gave me sole physical custody and joint legal custody.

I feel certain if I didn't have this course showing me what was needed in court to win, I would not have had a chance. Attorneys cannot possibly know all the details in our cases as well as we do. This course taught me to look at my 27 years of marriage strategically, so I could sort out all that information appropriately for the court. I couldn't possibly tell my attorney everything so he could pick what facts were relevant and what weren't. But using the clear guidelines from the course, where I stated the facts, and then the law, and then moved the court to enforce the law that pertained to those facts, I was able to reduce a tremendous amount of information down to the few powerful points I needed to prove my case.

I also was able to stay on top of my attorney in court with the information the course gave me on objections. My attorney was letting my husband get away with saying what others said - hearsay and outright lies. I then asked my attorney to object to hearsay every time my husband claimed to know what someone else said. He did that, and the Judge sustained his objections.

I also used the course teachings to make sure my answers did not give the other attorney something to object to.

"Hearsay" and "no foundation" are tricky concepts to understand, but the course helped me to understand these objections so I could require my attorney to object while avoiding them myself.

From my court experience I can not imagine going through court (even with an attorney) without this course.

This course showed me how to go into court with my eyes open.

Without this course, you're just blindly sitting there hoping your attorney knows what he or she is doing. I know I received physical custody of my children because of what this wonderful course taught me.

Thanks for letting me share my story. I hope it will help others gain the advantage this course will give them in court.

- # -

Win with Jurisdictionary!Man Defeats $354,000 Pre-Judgment Writ!

On Oct. 17, 2008 I was served with a complaint listing 4 causes of action against me totaling $354,000.

The entire complaint looked foreign and intimidating to me, and I understood almost NOTHING I read on the complaint, nor did I know anything about court procedures or evidence rules.

Two days later, while researching on the Internet hoping to find something that would help me represent myself (as I did NOT want to hire a lawyer) I found


As soon as I saw it, and without even reading very much of what it promised, I ordered the full package and started studying the course 7-8 hours every day. I put everything aside. I made learning this course my number "1" priority.

I have A.D.D., so it was hard for me to discipline myself to listen and read the course materials, but I knew I was on the right track. I would go over and over it again and again to get it straight in my mind.

About a week later, I was served with an amended complaint that listed 5 causes of action: Conversion, Unjust Enrichment, Promissory and/or Equitable Estoppel, and Breach of Contract.

This time it wasn't so foreign to me nor as intimidating because of what I had learned from the course. I had already learned I had a flurry of motions I could use that would toll the time for filing an answer. I learned that I had a solid chance of winning a motion to dismiss Plaintiff's complaint. I learned it was the Plaintiff who had to prove his allegations, and that he was required to properly allege each essential fact element to support each cause of action on the face of his complaint. Failing to do so meant I could bring a motion to dismiss his complaint with prejudice. This gave me a lot of confidence.

The Amended complaint included a Motion for Prejudgment Writ of Attachment. The plaintiff wanted to steal my money without a trial. This knocked the wind out of me and blew my confidence away.

What did I do?

I had only 10 days in which to respond. I panicked, and even called a few attorneys. One told me it was very serious and I had better hire an attorney. Another one told me he had never heard of a motion like that!

I finally took responsibility for myself and trusted the course. I had the answers for what to do, and now all I had to do was apply what I learned from the course.

So I did.

I did exactly what I learned from the course.

I prepared an opposition. I read the rule on Writs. I put the rule in my opposition, because the rules say to get a Writ, one must plead certain things, what the course calls "essential elements".

I pointed out to the court how the Plaintiff did not plead all the elements required for the court to issue a Writ.

The Plaintiff in his reply said the rules are not to be stringently applied as the action had just commenced. He argued that I had not refuted any of the allegations the plaintiff made against me and that I opposed the motion only on procedural grounds.

Basically, my case depended on the course being right.

The hearing was set. I showed up ready. The Plaintiff was there with two attorneys. One was partner in a law firm of 12 attorneys. I thought to myself, "They are going to win and I am going to lose." They sensed my fear.

The hearing was called to order. The Judge looked at the Plaintiff and said, "My tentative ruling with respect to the pre-judgment writ of attachment would be to deny it because it seems to me you haven't alleged any of the 64(a) requirements for a pre-judgment writ."


I pointed out the rule in my opposition, and the judge followed it.

The Plaintiff put up his argument, and during the course of his argument back and forth with the judge, the judge said, "You have to allege all the essential elements. I can't issue a writ of attachment unless you allege each of those essential elements. You can't get a pre-judgement writ without making those allegations. If you can't allege what that rule requires, then you can't get the writ. It's that simple!"

So the Plaintiff's motion was denied, and I WON!

The plaintiff's attorney was very upset and stormed out of the room.

I felt GREAT!

The Plaintiff was so mad that he re-filed the same motion again, and again I did the same thing and won once more!

The course says 9 out of 10 attorneys do things wrong! I believe it.

This course is by far one of the greatest things I ever purchased.

It is a saving grace!

- # -

Win with Jurisdictionary!Man Stops IRS Lien on Bank Account!

I had been fighting the IRS for years. They claimed I owed several thousand dollars, yet they repeatedly ignored my demands for a complete assessment as mandated by law and the IRS code.

One day I received a notice from Wachovia bank, where I had a savings account, that the IRS served them with a "Notice of Levy / Lien". They told me they were wiping out my account and giving it to the IRS!

And, within the week they did just that.

I promptly sued Wachovia for civil theft.

They sent one of their 100 or so lawyers they keep on retainer to oppose me.

Without responding to their vacuous arguments, I noticed the court of "Schultz vs. IRS", US Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit, wherein it was ruled that a "Notice of Lien or Levy" is NOT a lien or levy. I argued that a lawful lien or levy must have a federal property seizure warrant signed by a federal judge to be valid. The IRS routinely skips this step.

Astonishingly, the judge snarled that the "property" referred to in the 2nd Circuit's decision meant only cars, boats, houses, etc. -- NOT money!

The judge incorrectly concluded, "Money is not "property", ruling against me and in favor of the bank.

The How to Win in Court course taught me otherwise!

Money is property. Intangible personal property.

I immediately filed a notice of appeal with the Superior Court of Appeals and served Wachovia with same.

A few days later, one of Wachovia's attorneys called me to say the bank caved in and would be sending my money back. The money arrived soon thereafter.

Using law, facts, and procedure taught by combined with a tenacious "refuse to lose" attitude, I prevailed, and justice was served.

- # -

Win with Jurisdictionary!Man Defeats 1st Degree Felony Charge

I was charged with "Injury to the Elderly", a 1st degree felony punishable by several years of prison time, for allegedly leaving my mother unattended for several days.

Adult Protective Services alleged (1) I had physically abused my mother and (2) that I left her unattended for days. Neither was true.

My mother was suffering from partial dementia. I was always careful to see that when I could not be present with her, someone else was always there, and that is the case when APS charged me. They had nothing to prove any of their allegations, and they knew it!

They made a very terrible mistake that cost my mother her life, and after she died several months later as a result of their actions, they charged me with this crime.

The following is what happened and how this course helped me.

I'd been planning to spend a few days in a nearby city, so I hired a nurse to look after my mother while I was away. Two hours after I left, while I was still on the airplane, APS came to my mother's place and found her alone. The nurse I hired foolishly stepped out for some reason, and when she returned a few minutes later APS was there. They took my mother to a nursing home against her will.

APS knew mother wasn't alone "for days" as they alleged, because they took her away within hours after I left and while the nurse I hired was present.

Whenever I was away, the nurse or another responsible person was always there to look after my mother.

I was truly amazed how easy it was to find valuable information on this website, even before I ordered the course!

I learned from the course that the burden of proof was on the state, and I had enough evidence to disprove their false claim.

My court-appointed attorney tried to get me to take a "plea", but I told him I would rather take the case to trial, because I knew I was not guilty and that I could win with what I was learning from

My case was dismissed due to lack of evidence before the pre-trial.

The state caused my mother to die three months after they took her from her home and placed her in a nursing home, where she refused to eat and developed a giant bed sore. I have the evidence. I had the funeral home take pictures of her body. She weighed only 85-90 pounds all her life. When she died in the nursing home, she barely weighed 60 pounds. Before they took her from her home, the only physical problem she had was slight dementia. The trauma caused her to stop eating.

The state would not allow me to remove her from that nursing home!

The nursing home didn't know how to care for my mother. They starved and dehydrated my dear mother until she died, all the while refusing to allow me to take her home.

Although I don't have a lot of money (this ordeal nearly broke me) I plan to sue the state for my mother's wrongful death, and give the money to support charity work she would approve.

I will win that lawsuit, just as I defeated the state's wrongful felony charges against me, using what I learned from this amazing course.

God bless you for!

- # -

There've been many more sucess stories like these since 1997 when Attorney Graves started the course, all from real people just like you, good people who would have lost without this course.

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