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Win Without a Lawyer

#1 Step-by-Step Online Law Course Since 1997

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Win Without a Lawyer!

You have an absolute right to represent yourself in court!

My online course makes case-winning court procedure easy!

I've been a case-winning attorney 32 years.

My course shows shows you how to win ... step-by-step.

Every case, civil or criminal, is won or lost by proving or disproving what we lawyers call "essential fact elements" of the case.

There are usually no more than 3 or 4 "essential fact elements".

If you're defending yourself, you win by proving at least one of your opponent's "essential fact elements" is missing.

If you are suing someone else, you win by proving all of your "essential fact elements" are present.

For example, to win a case for breach of contract, you only need to prove facts that show: (1) there was an enforceable contract, (2) defendant breached the contract, and (3) defendant's breach caused you to lose money.

To defend, you need only show one of those elements is missing!

It's the same in criminal cases. For example, in a murder case the prosecutor has to prove 3 elements: (1) defendant injured the victim, (2) defendant intended to cause the victim's death, and (3) victim is actually dead. For 1st degree murder, prosecutor must prove one additional element: (4) defendant planned in advance to cause the death.

You win by proving or disproving essential fact elements!


You will know how to identify essential fact elements and how to prove or disprove them using my simplified, step-by-step forms and in-depth examples and explanations.

You will defeat crooked lawyers and control corrupt judges.

The American Bar Association says 80% of people who need a lawyer cannot afford one. Most lose ... needlessly!

You need not lose!

You will quickly learn what it takes to win without a lawyer.

Use the course for reference & legal research a full year!

Since starting this mission in 1997 I've taught thousands how to win with my step-by-step method, simplified procedures, and legal references.

Take free quiz below to see what you need to know.

Designed for pro se litigants who can't afford a lawyer or aren't sure they can trust a lawyer to represent them.

Scrolling testimonials in the green box above are by real people who used my course and praise it for how it helped them win.

Defeat crooked lawyers!

Control biased judges!

Know what you need to win ... without a lawyer!

So easy anyone can master court procedure in just a few days.

The legal profession has hidden this power from you!

My course goes beyond all others (including my discontinued CD course) with expanded resources, classes, quizzes, and powerful legal tools and procedural tips never before available.

Essential legal know-how you will learn in just a few days!

Draft pleadings, file defenses, write motions, set hearings, conduct yourself in court, cross-examine witnesses, force evidence from opponents, get your evidence admitted, stop lawyers from lying, make courtroom objections that stop cheating lawyers, control corrupt judges, and much, much more!

Includes confidence building quizzes after each class!

Know what to do and how to do it right ... step-by-step.

Any case, any court, civil or criminal ... state or federal.

Knowledge you NEED!

Learn at your own pace!

Can't afford a lawyer?

Win without one!

Paying a lawyer?

Get what you're paying for!

Learn it all in just a few days!

You can even earn an honorary law degree from American Justice Foundation®.

Why risk losing?

Optimized for Smartphones, Tablets, and Computers!


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