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Sample forms, courtroom strategies, tips, tricks, legal research, and additional in-depth legal know-how that's made this course the #1 choice for pro se people (going to court without a lawyer) on the internet since 1997!

My course has helped thousands of victorious customers since I started it on the internet back in 1997. It was just a few classes then, but it's been growing steadily these past 20 years. My course was on the internet before "Google"!

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Learn from a lawyer who knows what it takes to win! I've been a case-winning attorney 31 years. I know what you're up against, so I make it easy for you to quickly learn how to fight the right way, using official court rules instead of ignorant internet legal mythology, so you can win against any crooked lawyer, biased judge, or corrupt opponent.

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This advanced course goes far beyond all others, including my own CD course that it replaces with brand new expanded legal resources and case-winning material never before available anywhere!

Quickly learn how to draft proper pleadings, how to file effective defenses, how to write powerful motions, how to set and conduct yourself at hearings, how to examine witnesses at depositions and in court, how to force evidence from your opponent and how to get your own evidence admitted into the court record, how to stop lawyers from lying, how to make courtroom objections that stop cheaters ... and much, much more!

You'll love my course so much you'll put me on your Christmas list.

I want you to win! My course is what you need to win. I've worked hard to make this course the best there is!

Though quick-and-easy to learn, this is not just a handful of basic forms and teachings. This is a complete course that includes everything you need to win in any court without a lawyer!

I even include some tough confidence building quizzes at the conclusion of each class so you will know you know what you need to know and are ready to take on any opponent and win your case hands-down!

Know what to do and how to do it ... step-by-step.

Any case, any court, civil or criminal ... state or federal.

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