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American Flag behind Broken Glass

America is Under Attack

The Opportunity is Now

Anyone who hasn't been hiding knows Traditional American Values are in jeopardy.

Party politics aside, the American People are agitated ... and many are afraid.

Anarchy infests the cyber world as anyone who surfs the net must agree.

Anger and unrest threaten your children's future and the security of your nation.

The American People need something to pull them together in unity.

Something we can ALL believe in.

Justice for ALL.

Justice Education is the Answer

It is also a massive profit-making business.

A business that will appeal to you if ...

  • You care about the eternal values that made America great to begin with
  • You want to be part of a peaceful revolution to make the world safer for those you love
  • You have, or can acquire, substantial funding finances
  • You wish to make handsome profits

Justice Education has been hidden from the American People.

We change that.

My name is Graves. Teaching justice is my business.

I've empowered tens of thousands of Americans with effective legal knowledge over the past 25 years with Jurisdictionary® and my popular HowToWinInCourt online case-winning course.

I wish to empower millions.

I need your help.

Education is BIG BUSINESS

Visit your children's schools and you find publications.

Lots of them. All kinds of them. And they all cost money.

Those publications in your children's schools were created and sold to the school systems by successful education publishing companies.

Some of those successful education publishers go back more than a century.

  • McGraw Hill ... 1888
  • Harcourt ... 1919

Countless dozens exist today.

All of them are making money ... or they wouldn't still be in business.

We will own and run a small education publishing company.

We will tell ALL Americans what they need to know about Justice, what it is, where it comes from, and how to use that knowledge when bad things happen.

Justice Education is what we do.

Justice Education is what the Public wants and needs.

  • What is common law and why does it matter?
  • What does a deed do and why should it be recorded?
  • What is a trust and how could it help me save money?
  • How can I avoid paying so much income tax?
  • What should I say when stopped by the police?
  • How does a jury decide how much money to award?
  • What are interrogatories and how can they force people to answer under oath?
  • What is hearsay? What is it really and how do I deal with it in court?
  • What are the "magic words" a Last Will must say to be enforceable in court?
  • What happened at the U.S. Supreme Court last week and how does it affect me.

The American People seek to understand Justice, what it is, how it can control their nation's destiny, and how to get it for themselves when trouble strikes.

We publish that knowlege.

They buy.

Our 5-E's Philosophy

Four E's direct marketing and ensure our products have both value and appeal.

Everything we publish will:

  • Entertain ... so they come back for more
  • Enlighten ... so they support and work for The Rule of Law and their children's future
  • Educate ... so they know how get justice and control crooked people at all levels
  • Empower ... so they can ALL get the Justice their Constitution promises

People will be pleased, they will tell others, and their enthusiasm will catapult us to long-term successes.

Our publishing company will give the American People something new, something good and honorable, something we equip them to fight for ... Justice for ALL.

We've repeated those three words all our American lives.

"... and Liberty and Justice for all."

That all-important last word, however, should not be lower-case!

It will be ALL-CAPS when our publications hit the streets and cyber sites.

Justice for ALL ... not just the 20% who can afford a lawyer.

80% of America cannot afford Justice!

That's NO justice for 4 out of 5.

Americans want to know what's been hidden from them. It's there #1 right!

We will entertain them, enlighten them, educate them, and empower them.

Those last three words will come true.

Justice for ALL.

A Business Point of View

From a business point of view ours is a new market, and it's huge!

Our marketplace is every American ... young and old.

No existing publishing company has this vision.

We face NO competition.

The need is great and growing.

  • Huge segments of our population don't trust judges or the courts.
  • Violence is not the answer to our problems, but it is the new normal.
  • Divisive party politics paralyzes government, time and assets are wasted.
  • Good people are mesmerized by false illusions.
  • America needs something new and good to believe in.


We give them what they've never had ... Justice Education!

We publish justice education in many forms, products they will eagerly demand, because they are hungry for the POWER only legal knowledge can provide.

Americans want to know about the laws that control them from their cradles to their graves, but till now there was no way to learn short of three years at a law school.

That will change!

We will teach Americans what they've never been taught.

We will teach them what Justice is and how to get it.

They will buy.

The Basic Plan

The corporate plan has many parts:

  • Private and public school materials for K-12 using technology
  • The monthly magazine JUSTICE ®    (I own the trademark.)
  • Retail Sales - everything from instructional books to T-shirts and coffee cups
  • A "Competitive" Social Networking Site like nothing that's been seen so far
  • The Jurisdictionary® course that's been making money for 25 years

All this can be done with as few as 17 talented employees.

We incorporate as Jurisdictionary® Corporation ... a publishing company.

Investors hold 80% common. I hold the rest and chair the board.

Best estimate is no more than 18 months to break even.

Then our profit curve will suddenly turn sharply upward as we expand to meet the growing demand for cyber product as well as hardware and goods.

Sharply upward because ours is the only publishing company getting into this field at a time when the need is critical.

But! We will never see a dime if we don't start at once.

Estimated Start-Up

Starting 18 month estimates for salaries, recurring, and initial expenses.

17 monthly 18 $2,925,224
Managing Editor 1 $10,000 18 $180,000
Business Manager 1 $10,000 18 $180,000
Jurisdictionary Editor 1 $10,000 18 $180,000
Justice Magazine Editor 1 $10,000 18 $180,000
Curriculum Editor 1 $10,000 18 $180,000
IT Project Manager 1 $10,000 18 $180,000
Static Cartoon Artist 2 $5,000 18 $180,000
Video Cartoon Artist 2 $5,000 18 $180,000
Law School Graduates 2 $8,000 18 $288,000
Copy Reader 1 $8,000 18 $144,000
Transom Reader 1 $8,000 18 $144,000
Office Manager 1 $7,000 18 $126,000
Webmaster 2 $7,000 18 $252,000
Secretary 1 $5,000 18 $90,000
Rent 1 $6,000 18 $108,000
Utilities 1 $600 18 $10,800
Insurance Liability 1 $500 18 $9,000
Insurance Contents 1 $500 18 $9,000
Workers Comp 1 $746 18 $13,424
Maintenance 1 $2,000 18 $36,000
Advertising 1 $10,000 12 $120,000
Computer Equipment 17 $3,000 1 $51,000
Furniture 17 $2,000 1 $34,000
Miscellany 1 $50,000 1 $50,000


$2.9 million gets us to break-even in 18 months.

Operation cost is then exceeded by sales with investor fully recovered.

Thereafter it's all gravy.

Best of all, we get to do something good, honorable, and much-needed.

Invitation to Qualified Investors

Email me if you can raise $5 million ($3 now, $2 in escrow).


Or find someone (or a group of people) who can.